Relax Networking

Designed for Local Professionals 

Relax Networking is designed for the modern professional who provides a product or service to the general public. If part of your job involves meeting and impressing everyday people then RELAX because your in the right place. Relax Networking is the result Relax America Inc.'s pursuit of a very distinct WHY that was trademarked in 2013, "RELAX AMERICA, WE HAVE A PLAN" . Our Plan has been to work with local professionals to understand their pain points and remove the STRESS related with being a successful business professional in this modern digital age. Our PLAN was to create LOCAL CHAPTERS that assure all professionals, new and established thrive. We understand that if the local business professional thrives, only then can and will they provide the time and resources needed to support their local communities. We feel this is the key to assuring that America STAYS GREAT. 

Weekly Zoom meetings

As a Chapter Member you will attend one weekly 55 min ZOOM meeting. Each weekly meetings is strictly scheduled with related content optimally designed to educate while efficiently assuring the chapter meets it's weekly goals. 

Monthly Meetups

Once a month the Chapter meets in person at a highly promoted monthly public meetup. Each meetup is designed to draw potential clients, making it easy for members to support face to face introductions and referrals. 

Quarterly Cause

Although chapter members are welcome to support what ever cause they are passionate about, the chapter will work as a team to make a measurable impact on a specific cause that has agreed to assist with local media coverage. 

What happens in the Weekly Zoom meetings?

Professional Education

Content is KING in the digital age so part of each weekly meeting is focused on first assuring that each professional has a clear understanding of how best to use social media and digital promotion tactics.Once the entire group is in a position to promote content; the focus shifts to assisting each member to consistently produce quality content that the entire group will help promote.  

Active Working Sessions

Time is a resource that local professionals never have enough of thus Relax Networking understand how valuable it is. Each weekly meeting is managed to maximize the output of the entire group during the 55 minute weekly sessions. Brief working sessions are focused on Meetup Prep, quarterly Cause Promotion and improving each members individual business and chapter wide value "Pitch".

January = goal Setting

January's meetup is about setting goals. 2 Speakers: 1) Physical Health Goals  2) Financial Goals

February = Marriage

February's Meetup is about Marriage. 2 Speakers: 1) Getting Married Plan  2) Getting Divorced Plan

March = Pets

March's meetup is about Pets. 2 Speakers: 1) Supporting our unique March Madness adoption program. 2) Pet Related Topics  


April's Meetup is about Children. 2 Speakers: 1) Pregnancy through Toddler Topics   2) Toddler- Pre-K Topics

May = Job Fair

May's Meetup is a Job Fair. The Job Fair features local employers as well as national employers attending via Zoom.

June = Housing

June's Meetup is about housing. 2 Speakers: 1) Renting tips and Tricks  2) Buying and Selling Plans

July = Celebrate USA

July's meetup celebrates America. No Speakers: A relaxed social BBQ or attend a minor league baseball game as a group. 

August = NNO Support

August's meetup promotes National Night Out. The local chapter works with your town's officials to support their event. 

September = Education

September's meetup is about Education. 2 Speakers: 1) K-12 topic  2) How to develop a Plan for College

October= Assisting Woman 

October's meetup is about Woman. 2 Speakers: 1) A breast Cancer Survivor 2) Aiding Women to become a Local Professional

November= Your Legacy

November's meetup is about Legacy. 2 Speakers:  1) Why it is your Legacy Matters 2) How to develop a Legacy Plan

December = Family

December's meetup is about Family. No Speakers: Free pictures with Santa are part of a chapter's holiday celebration thanking clients and Prospects.

First Quarter Cause

Q1 is spent working with local animal shelters via our own version of March Madness . We stop the madness to save animals set to be killed by aiding adoption.

Second Quarter Cause

Q2 we turn our focus and resources towards helping current and past Veterans. Our primary effort is our May Job Fair, but we have helping veterans as our focus.  

Third Quarter Cause

Q3 is spent working with local volunteer first responder organizations. Relax Networking assists your local community groups with proven fundraising ideas, support and promotion. 

Fourth Quarter Cause

Q4 is spent supporting Breast Cancer awareness by aiding  local chapters of the Susan G Komen and related organizations focused on supporting issues stressing American women. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How are you different then BNI, Letip or any of the other networking groups that I have heard about?
A: All though we are not an expert on the other groups business models, we know why our model is so effective. Let us highlight a few of the reasons here:
1) Time Commitment: Time is priceless and we maximize your return on time invested by requiring only 3 - 55 Minute Zoom meetings each month. Since they are zoom meetings, you can access they immediately at the start time without any required "travel" time to a venue.  In other groups you are normally you are expected to spend time traveling to locations every week and asked to spend money to eat at the venue.
2) Efficiency: Each meeting is tightly scripted and recorded to maximize the return on time spent during the meeting. The individual member "pitches" given during the meeting are transformed into socially shareable content that is distributed as part of that months shared content.
3) Reputation Building: As a member of the chapter, you are not obligated to "recommend" other chapter members to your clients, especially if they are not an EXACT fit for your client or prospects needs. Instead you are only obligated to "share" and promote other chapter members content. This allows all members to be more "natural" in the referral process. This makes it easier when forming the chapter and recruiting other members, because it is less about who the other chapter members knows and more about what they know. Your goal is to grow your chapter to 15 experts in their respective topics. Thus when you share the intelligent content of your fellow local chapter members, you appear more intelligent and well versed to your existing network. In return the aggregated network effect will spread your content to a much larger audience and thus grow your reputation as an expert. Being an expert will grow the size and quality of your customer base.
4) Face to Face Meetings: There is one Public Meetup where the chapter meets Face to Face each month. Chapter members are encouraged to invite the "referrals" that they think other chapter members would benefit from to these meetups. This again saves precious time of members being stuck wasting time feeling obligated to be a "Match Maker". Instead the meetups are designed to have interesting topics for everyone at some point during the year. Our members have found it easier to say, "Sally you should come to this meetup, while there you can also meet Jim face to face". Then if Sally doesn't make the meetup, Jim can respond, "Sally I am sorry I missed you at the Meetup when would be a better time to connect?" See we make face to face meetings simple so that you can RELAX.  
5) Content Creation: Our weekly chapter meetings are designed to help professionals become better "content" creators. Content can come in many forms and Relax Networking helps our members to become better at creating content. Content is what helps prospects to determine that you are an expert in your field. Much of the actual 55 minutes each week are spend creating shareable content that will be distributed by the entire group.
6) Paid Advertising: The biggest difference with our model is that a large portion of the monthly membership dues are directly spent promoting the content generated via paid marketing. Thus because of the network effect, scale and the nature of paid digital marketing, if you were to attempt to pay to promote your content to achieve the same level of reach, it would be exponentially more  expensive then your monthly dues yet ironically it would actually be less effective. 

Q: Why are there discounted Levels of Membership?
A: We have arranged for discounted pricing levels in limited supplies for the New Chapters because we realize that price is a motivator and that critical mass is key to reach the full benefit of the network effect. We will cover this answer in greater detail:
1) Uniform Memberships: Every Chapter Member has the same rights and responsibilities regardless of the level. The level 1 Pricing is the standard market pricing, yet discounted levels have been established to help to rapidly fill the newly formed Chapters.
2) Critical Mass Matters: Rather then charging everyone in a NEW CHAPTER the same amount, we have purposely decided to make it extremely cost effective for the early adopters. Being an early adopter means taking on a higher level of risk then someone who simple joins a well established group. Thus we rewarded early adopters with pricing far below market rates. This allows the networking group to reach critical mass that much faster. Critical mass is the point at which the whole is greater then the some of the parts and thus every additional member makes the Chapter exponentially stronger then the simple sum of the efforts and dues of the individual members.  
3) Home Rule: By home rule we mean that we provide the local chapter the freedom and latitude to determine how best to leverage the available initial openings at the discounted rates. Founders will know how best to shape their chapter to best server their local zip code and surrounding areas. Thus when looking to fill the initial memberships, the founder determines which professionals are eligible for which membership levels.